About Greet Brosens

With over 18 years experience in the recruitment industry, mostly in management and (managing) director roles in different countries across Europe and the UK, I have built up a wealth of expertise on recruitment related issues. I have experience reruiting across a range of professional and technical disciplines.

I set up Sagent Solutions, an recruitment and consultancy firm focusing on degree educated (experienced) engineers. We work with organisations who are genuinely interested in hiring the best talent, regardless of gender. Women are underrepresented in engineering, more so than in any other industry. We believe that most organisations are very keen to address this issue, yet struggle with barriers that are hard to remove.

At Sagent, we want to contribute to remove these barriers. Through social media, outreach to female engineers, peer coaching and speaking engagements, we find out what women engineers really need to have a succesful career in engineering.

We don’t have all the answers, but are keen to contribute to the debate. In this blog, I share my ideas about recruitment, women and engineering, working women, unconscious bias.

I am not an engineer, but as a working mother who has spent most of her career in male dominated organisations, I believe I understand some of the challenges women in engineering face.

I welcome your feedback, thoughts and opinions that can help us shape the debate and ultimately result in improving the career opportunities for women in engineering.

Call, email, comment on one of the blogs or tweet us. We want to hear from you.

Greet Brosens


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